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Looking For....


An Amazing Year!

What an amazing year! I can't tell you how fun this new photography adventure has been! I've met so many fabulous, sweet, funny, GORGEOUS families. I've held so many freshly made babies. I've giggled, sang songs, and flirted with little toddlers. And am more in LOVE with photography than I ever was. Thanks everyone for supporting me! Hope all your Christmas cards look BEAUTIFUL! hint hint: I'd love to see them! Merry Christmas!

DSC_2159 copy


6 Week Old Sweetheart


I usually try to do newborn shoots within the first 10 days of life. Babies are just so sweet and sleepy then. But this little lady was so good! She slept, she opened her pretty eyes for a few pics and let her sister smother her with kisses.

DSC_3601 copy DSC_3584


DSC_3589 DSC_3682 copycopy DSC_3719


Another Mom's Photography Class

I'll be holding another Mom's Photography class in January. The exact date is still being decided. It will either be the last or second to last Saturday of the month. We will be discussing how to use that fancy camera of yours (or even your not so fancy point and shoot). It will be an hour to an hour and a half class, showing how to use all your settings and even shoot in manual mode, how to get bokeh (that's a fancy word for a blurry background), composition, etc. You'll need to bring your own camera. The class will be $25. Please email me or comment so I can get a count on how many to expect. I will be keeping the class sizes small so that you will get a chance to ask questions and practice with me. If the amount of interest exceeds the size of the class I'll schedule another. Feel free to tell your friends about it and take the class together. It'll be fun!


Christmas Vacation... sort of


So if you haven't guessed, I've taken a few weeks in December off! I wanted to focus on taking pictures of MY little people, make lots of cookies, watch Christmas movies and TOTALLY enjoy seeing Christmas cards with pictures I took on them show up in my mailbox (hint hint!) But, that doesn't mean that I can totally stay away from photoshoots... like yesterday, when I took out my dearest friend and her family for a quick shoot. Love these people!!


DSC_3468 DSC_3472 copy

DSC_3516 copy

DSC_3489 DSC_3488 copy



Freezin' but Fabulous Family


I had so much fun with this family... despite freezin' our buns off! Love the colors they chose, love the scarves, love those gorgeous big blue eyes!


DSC_2998 DSC_3184

DSC_3020 DSC_3003 DSC_3014


We've got some with everyone lookin' at the camera, but I just LOVE the feel of this one.


This pic makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Makes me miss my mom and sisters.



40 Degrees!


We survived the cold today! Little man N was a champ! So fun to see how big he's gotten!

DSC_2862 copy

DSC_2774 DSC_2898

DSC_2864 DSC_2769 DSC_2849



Mr Serious


Oh this little guy is so handsome! And though he made me work for some smiles... we did catch some! And talk about gorgeous parents! I really think I have the best looking clients! Seriously!

DSC_2729 DSC_2673


DSC_2718 DSC_2643

DSC_2737 copy



And Now He's 6 Months!


Oh it's so fun when I get to see my little friends grow up! I did this little guys' newborn pics, then saw him again at 3 months and now he's 6 months old! He's sitting up all by himself now and still has those gorgeous blue eyes.



DSC_2552 DSC_2555 DSC_2570




DSC_2536 DSC_2473 DSC_2537