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Catch Up and my 200th Post!

Well, not sure if anyone is peeking in on this ol' site anymore, but I'm trying to keep it up for my own sake. But if you are, well here's a few photoshoots from the last few months. I pretty much keep to family shoots now. It's about all I can fit in with this busy family of mine.
  DSC_4295 copy

I did take our family photo for the ol' Christmas card, thanks to a tripod and a timer. My kids have gotten pretty darn good at looking at the flashing light and smiling even if I'm not there to do tricks behind the camera.... but I was thrilled that I got this shot in only 3 pictures!! A 5 minute photoshoot is my kind of photoshoot!


With my brother and sister in law in town we found a few minutes to stomp through the snow and get a few pics of them and our first Christensen cousin!!!

DSC_4669 copy
DSC_4675 DSC_4643
Of course I had to get one picture of my kids with their Christensen cousin!

A couple weeks ago my gorgeous cousins brought their littles for a quick photoshoot, but they weren't exactly feeling up to it :) Sometimes the "real" pics are more fun than the "we're always this happy" kind of shots!


In the fall I had so much fun with my cousin and her beautiful family!


And as luck would have it, I was passing through town right after the birth of my newest darling Niece!!

 It's nice to have a few family friends to brush up on my photog skills with!  :)

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